-Half Texan, Half Goofball. Yes sir those do go together.

-3 Things I couldn't live without: Hot-dogs, skateboarding, and bossa nova (and of course my lovely wife)

-I love planning for a production and working with directors and creative teams to bring their concepts to life through visual shorthand and filmic elements.
(This means I ask lots of questions about character identities and relationships, emotion, and mood)

-I enjoy tackling the logistical components of a shoot while planning out schedules, locations, equipment, and my favorite: lighting.

-I thrive on set, often entering a flow-state, and feel inspired as I am collaborating with the crew

My first camera (9th birthday, circa 2006 Warsaw, Indiana)
it would record and re-record on tapes
kicked off my interest in videography and action sports

This is the GoPro I got for Christmas when I was 14 and its durability made it my constant companion
(shooting action sports, chores, water activities etc...)